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At calculation of concentration of harmful substances for the second and the subsequent buildings in the direction of a wind receipt of harmful substances is determined taking into account distance x by an axis of a torch and distance of y, perpendicular by torch axes.

the intercase distance - can be entered only if the group of buildings was chosen, minimum possible intercase distance is equal to height of a building wind, the first on the course (all control is carried out by the program);

ATTENTION!!! During the work with the program it is necessary to remember that the building windward side is taken for a reference mark! Therefore, at a task of parameters of a source of pollution and a place of determination of concentration follows if it is required to proyebrazovat the relevant data to a look necessary for work of the program!

At action of linear sources (aeration lamps, a number of close located mines also I rub concentration of harmful substances in a uniform, zavetrenny or intercase circulating zone enough to calculate for any point of a zone as oniodinakova within each zone.