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On a site of the first stage 11,6 kilometers long the most powerful top structure of a way was applied for those times: rails of type 1A, wooden cross ties of type 1, crushed-stone ballast, unseparable fastening, slips fartuchny. On 11 turns of construction all ways were laid on the concrete basis. The separate fastening, two-headed slips on four butt bolts is applied.

For the purpose of economy of the electric power, and also specifications on a bimetallic stalealyuminevy contact rail which at considerable weight reduction of a design has more than twice smaller resistance in comparison with the usual steel are developed for simplification of costs of the current maintenance of a way together with.

All works on the current contents are performed in limited "window" at night. Capital repairs of constructions are carried out in generally contract way. As the contractor repair services of the subway and division of Metrostroy are attracted. On durability of designs and finishing materials tunnel constructions ensure traffic safety of trains and pass of passengers. But separate constructions or their elements have the constructive shortcomings and serious defects allowed, as a rule, at construction and complicating further operational activity. First of all, it is a filtration in a tunnel of ground waters, leaks. On average on one kilometer of their tunnel about 6 Majority of them is have an insignificant output of water, but there are also intensive, with a water output more than 5 m3/hour. The total amount of the water coming to tunnels makes 4900 m3/hour.

Also that circumstance has an adverse effect that 5-10% of the feeding cable lines of Mosenergo owing to physical wear constantly are under repair. Three quarters of substations are equipped with the third power supply. However these works restrain difficulties with delivery of cable production and lack of free cells on the feeding centers of Mosenergo.

All stations of this line are architecture monuments which are protected by the state. Ring line entirely deep zalozheniye. On the line the trains made of six cars of the 81 series ply. The Suvorovskaya Square station on the operating stage between Mira Avenue and Novoslobodskaya stations where there will be a transition to Dostoevskaya station of the radius under construction of the Lublin line is under construction. Construction of one more station on a stage between "Kiev" and "Krasnopresnenskaya" where there will be a crossing with alleged extension of the Kalinin line is supposed.

Continuous updating of substations and networks with replacement of outdated models on new, more reliable and powerful is caused both natural process of technical progress, and need of increase in capacities without expansion of the areas of substations, requirements of fire safety, improvement of working conditions.

Continuous improvement of devices of lighting is carried out by selection of lamps with the best luminous efficiency (glow lamps, mercury, halogen, are luminescent, and also reconstruction of distributive networks, updatings of the switching equipment, use of progressive technology of service.

Registration of Teatralnaya station is devoted to a theater subject. The arch keeps on the powerful poles revetted with light marble. Round marble columns with flutes on corners of poles, crystal lamps in a bronze frame give to the central part of the hall a solemn air. The arch is decorated by bas-reliefs from glazed porcelain (sculptor N. Danko). Their subject – art.

For maintenance of park of escalators in technically working order according to the approved plans capital repairs of escalators (40-50 cars are carried out to. Thanks to timely carrying out overhauls now escalators with rerun are not operated.

Arbatskaya and Smolenskaya stations remind the type of Sokolniki and Park of Culture station. These stations are near the stations of the Arbat and Pokrovsk line of the same name, but not on is close so much that they could be united.

Constructions of the subway are equipped with system of an economic and drinking, technological and fire-prevention water supply system. The first is intended for cleaning of stations, tunnels, air shafts and office and household rooms. The drinking water supply system supplied buffets, vat, shower, bathrooms; the technological water supply system is necessary for cooling of air of systems of local ventilation, fire-prevention (565 km) all stations and tunnels are equipped.