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During experiences there was a daily supervision over a bird, the main task was considered not to allow a strong rasklev because of whom the bird could be lost, was watched temperature condition, light, duration of light day.

At a lack of mineral substances, it is good to become noticeable, on quality of a shell. I did not fill up in a forage a calcium gluconate during 3kh days, and on the termination the day before yesterday 30% of egg became without skorlupovy cover, I should have given 12% more usual norm of chalk so to the expiration of the next day next day egg was covered with a normal skorlupovy cover.

it was found out that at increase in quantity of BVD in compound feed the quail started behaving aggressively, occurred therefore it was necessary to reduce intensity of illumination by 6% and to increase duration of light day of 80 minutes.

Influence of BVK on quails, after increase in percent of BVK in compound feed became the main object of my researches, in a consequence of that it appeared that it is possible to lower use as a grain stern, but amount of vitamins of groups A and B but to raise, it was also necessary to increase and

Researches of structure of the eaten forage wild gave the chance to find in is mute to 48% of forages of an animal origin. In the first days of life baby birds eat small insects, spiders, and other invertebrates. In process of growth of a start consuming more vegetable. Considering it, at cultivation perepelyata at first should give more forages, with age gradually increasing giving forages of a phytogenesis.

B1 vitamin (). It is very important for work of endocrine glands, nervous system. At a lack of a tiamin of a diet the of muscles of a neck and extremities is observed, observed the zakidyvany heads, the yaytsenoskost decreases, egg badly and has low deductibility.

But at such light the bird began to behave too quietly and started growing fat owing to what the yaytsenoskost, on researches of the American scientist decreased, I increased light day at first for 1,5 hours, then reduced for 25 minutes, and in 2 days the bird entered norm.

amount of mineral substances because of increase in a yaytsenoskost. Day length increased, but brightness of light decreased therefore from the economic point of view of loss did not increase. Also addition of bigger quantity of BVD does not lead to increase in costs of forages because of reduction of quantity of the grain. And reduction of term of puberty and a bigger yaytsenoskost lead to more favorable ratios.

Influence of the vitamin supplements added to a forage from the very first day started affecting only at the age of 5 days when the first real feathers started appearing. At a lack of vitamins the down is replaced with a feather within 12-15 days, and at norm of vitamins of 10-13 days.

Intensive growth of young growth and high egg of females are shown under a condition an by their sterns containing all necessary substances: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins.