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Economical and geographical areas. In Armenia 5 economic region differing on natural and economical and geographical conditions, structure and production specialization are allocated. Araratsky — the area of electricity generation, various mechanical engineering, chemical industry, production of building materials, the irrigated agriculture, wine growing, fruit growing, vegetable growing and the branches of the food industry which are based on them. Shiraksky — the area of the textile industry, production of natural building materials, mechanical engineering; in agriculture the livestock and grain direction prevails, there is an industrial svekloseyaniye. Pridebedsky — the area of the copper industry, the leading place in the area takes chemical industry; cattle breeding and processing of its production, fruit growing, wine growing; the mechanical engineering developed. Sevan-Agstevsky — the area of electricity generation and page - x. productions (with prevalence of the livestock, grain and tobacco-growing directions), develops mining, chemical and mechanical engineering industry. Syuniksky (southeast part of Armenia) — the area mining (copper-molybdenum and copper) the industries, agriculture stock-raising and grain and fruit the directions, develop hydropower industry and mechanical engineering

Mining industry. In Armenia in wide scales production and processing of construction materials are conducted: basalt, perlite, limestone, pumice, marble, etc. A lot of cement is made. The copper ore extracted in Kafana, Kadzharana, Agarake and Akhtale goes to the iron and steel works in Alaverdi melting copper. Nonferrous metallurgy of Armenia makes also aluminum and molybdenum.

From more than one hundred lakes of Armenia the largest – Sevan – is dated for an intermountain hollow in the east of the country. It serves as a natural reservoir for the river Razdan with the cascade of hydroelectric power stations. Sevan is used for navigation, fishery (a trout, SI and as a recreation area.

Minerals. In Armenia there are a lot of minerals. Fields of molybdenic, copper and polymetallic ores (Zangezur, Alaverdi) are widely known; there are iron ores, considerable reserves of nepheline syenites, table salt, bentonite clays.

Soils of Armenia are developed mainly on volcanic breeds. At rather low heights mountain-brown and mountain-chestnut soils, by places – solonetzic soils and saline soils are extended. On average a belt of mountains mountain chernozems are widely presented, and at big heights mountain meadow soils meet.

Armenia is rich with underground waters. Yerevan uses water of springs. Is available also to five hundred mineral sources. Some of them, for example Arzni and Dzhermuk, have important balneological value.

Surface structure. The Republic of Armenia is located in the northeast of the Armenian uplands. Here the complex combination of folded and volcanic mountains, lava plateaus, accumulative plains, river valleys and lake hollows is presented. About 90% of the area of the country are at the heights more than 1000 m above sea level (average height of 1800 m). The highest point – Mount Aragats (4090 m). The smallest heights, about 350 m, are dated for gorges of the rivers Debed in the northeast of the country and Araks in the southwest and the southeast.