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Besides, each new immigrant had most to ensure a subsistence therefore he began to grow up crops and to part cattle in much bigger volumes, than it is necessary for personal consumption - for sale. Thanks to good climatic conditions and fertile soils the United States quickly became the world's largest producer and at the same time the exporter of the food. Nature of daily food of a family of the average American is caused by orientation to the minimum expenses of time.

The 20th century in America is marked by the unprecedented growth of urban population at the expense of rural (when the ratio between urban and country people became sharp to change in favor of the first everywhere), and in all developed industrial cities of the country there was a problem of fast and uninterrupted supply of big mass of the population with food. And food was necessary almost round the clock: in lunch breaks at three - or two-shift work. These conditions left a mark on further development of the American cookery.