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- the associations making civil society arise, as a rule, spontaneously (in connection with emergence in group of citizens or the enterprises of concrete interest and need for its realization). Then some part of these associations can stop the existence. However the part suppressing them becomes the long-livers who are constantly acting, gaining over time strength and authority;

Formation of system of social partnership - long process. In the USA it took about 30 years. The main condition of success of creation of system of partnership consists in the contents and terms of carrying out economic transformations, in successful functioning of other spheres of civil society.

The first reason is connected with a private property. In the developed democratic society overwhelming part of the population - private owners. Certainly, representatives of large business are few. However and numerous the middle class is developed. For the vast majority of these owners means of obtaining the income, means to life of their families is the private property. These are private enterprises (in the industry, trade, agriculture, in the extracting branches, etc.) the earth, real estate leased the securities which are bringing in the income, money bringing percent, intellectual property which owners are writers, composers, inventors, scientists, etc. It is not simple to them to eat what to lose, with loss they are dispossessed the most important - a source of means for life. Therefore no wonder that on preservation of property, vigorous efforts of her owners are directed on creation of optimum conditions for her capacity.

Thus, a private property, being the most developed institute of democratic society, is the first of the main reasons of emergence and functioning of civil society, its transformation into the most powerful self-organizing public structure. Private property in all variety of its concrete forms does existence of civil society necessary.

Specifics of civil society, autonomous character and independence of the organizations making it do not exclude unpredictability of their actions. Therefore the efforts of the state directed on creation of various forms of control of its development are logical. The representations of the organizations of civil society considered above in different power structures, creation of joint bodies, the including representatives of the state and public organizations treat such forms.

Of course, all organizations of civil society in the economic sphere concentrate the efforts first of all on noted directions. But activity is not limited to it. Civil society in the economic sphere does a lot of things for development of system of business in general, for development and improvement of the market relations. Therefore are in the center of its attention:

The distinctive purposes and activities of associations and the organizations in the economic sphere of civil society it is traced in structure, the purposes and an orientation of activity practically of any association in the sphere of business.

Thus, the third main reason doing necessary emergence and development of civil society is an exclusive variety of interests of citizens of democratic society. It is important to emphasize what exactly in democratic society only and the widest range of these interests is possible. Also it is connected with those freedoms which this society provides to the people.

As it was told above, probably will seem that the reasons of emergence of each concrete civil society have private character. It, however, far not so. The private reasons (even at their plurality) would not lead to creation of such huge public sphere (system) what civil society is. Therefore, there are general reasons feeding process of creation and development of civil society, obviously rather serious. There is a lot of them, but exist three main, fundamental.

obtaining documentation containing data on the enterprise. The businessman is obliged to provide to each member of factory committee the materials reflecting a legal form of the enterprise, distribution of the capital between shareholders, position of the enterprise in branch;