5 Things You Need To Write Project Proposals

5 simple ways to write a resume

The mechanical engineering - an of scientific and technical progress in all branches of a national economy has to gain the accelerated development. Thus priorities are given to machine-tool construction, the electrotechnical industry, microelectronics, equipment, instrument making, the industry of an - to catalysts of acceleration of NTP.

But how not to allow "slipping" of the enterprises to receiving profit at any cost? How it is reasonable to limit them in this ? After all today the enterprise can increase profit not only due to the best work, growth of output of production necessary to a national economy and decrease in its prime cost, but also at the expense of profitable production, any increase in the prices of products without the corresponding improvement of quality, etc.

Incentives of development and deployment of on new equipment were insufficient. In modern conditions a of the market relations revolutionary, high-quality changes, transition to essentially new, to equipment of the subsequent generations - a radical of all branches of a national economy on the basis of the latest developments of science and equipment are necessary.

· The most important factor of increase of efficiency of production, ensuring its high efficiency there is a scientific and technical progress. To the last a scientific and technical progress proceeded in fact evolutionarily. It was preferred as improvement of the operating, partial modernization of cars and the equipment. Such measures gave a certain, but insignificant return.

· Optimum addition to an indicator of profit would be allocation including the specific weight of increase arrived, the decrease in prime cost received for the account. Such addition would primary link on implementation of the organizatsionyono-technical actions directed on growth of a of work, economy and rational use of raw materials, materials, fuel, energy, on the best use of fixed assets and capacities, and as a result - on decrease in costs of production in general. It would not exclude also growth of output as a result of which the specific weight of conditional and constant expenses as a part of product cost relatively decreases.

· One of production intensification factors, a of its efficiency - improvement of structure of an. Higher rates it is necessary to develop the branches providing scientific and technical progress and the successful solution of social tasks to achieve improvement of proportions between production of means of production and consumer goods, branches of agro-industrial complex.

Besides, it is necessary to create organizational, economic and social motivations for creative activity of scientists, designers, engineers, workers. Radical restructurings in equipment and technology, mobilization of everything, not only technical, but also organizational, economic and social factors will create prerequisites for substantial increase of labor productivity. It is necessary to provide introduction of the latest equipment and technology, widely to apply progressive forms of the scientific organization of work on production, to improve its rationing, to achieve growth of culture of production, strengthening of an order and discipline, a of labor collectives.

Calculations as to the general, and comparative economic efficiency of expenses should not be limited to the generalizing indicators stated above. For comprehensive justification and the analysis of economic efficiency of expenses, identification of reserves of increase of their efficiency, at a of final decisions it is necessary to use the additional indicators characterizing the separate parties of effect: labor productivity, capital productivity, specific capital investments, economy of raw materials, materials, fuel, energy, decrease in costs of production, social results.

It is also necessary to count that in process of formation of the market relations, to elimination of deficiency, a of certain producers the enterprises will have only one, a way of increase in profit - increase in volume of release of a, decrease in costs of its production.