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It is necessary to begin perhaps with background of great work, with that, as well as under what circumstances it reflected and created, that is from historical realities in the conditions of which there was a writer when the novel was born.

MASSOLIT which is settling down in Griboyedov's House by analogy with association MASTKOMDRAM (A workshop of communistic dramatic art) it is possible to decipher as the Workshop (or the Master of socialist literature.

Also a number of details at Belyaev and Bulgakov coincides. Professor Douel, having regained consciousness, sees that his head lies on a kitchen table, and nearby, his decapitated body with the opened thorax from which heart is taken is based upon higher prozektorsky table. In the same way in "Mastere and Margarita" in prozektorsky we see on one table the cut-off Berlioz's head, and on other – his body with the crushed thorax.

Horn points connect Berlioz not only with the imaginary foreigner similar to it in Torgsin, but also with one more real prototype – the chairman RAPPA Leopold Leonidovich Averbakh (1903-19 Hint on this surname in the veiled form, is present at an episode when Voland treats Berlioz and the Homeless with that grade of cigarettes what is wished by the Homeless – "Our brand". In this regard there is an association with a scene in Auerbach's cellar from "Faust" (1808-183 great German of the poet Ioganna Volfganga (1749-183 where Mephistopheles instantly provides to visitors that wine brand which they wish. Here it must be kept in mind practical identity of surnames Averbakh and Auerbach.

Visit by Voland Moskvy at the beginning of May is proved also to that, having seen the press on Berlioz's door, at once thinks of the conversation with the chairman, occurring, "as is remembered, on the twenty fourth of April in the evening". This conversation took place recently, differently Stepa could hardly remember exact date. If to accept May Day dating of the beginning of events in the novel, conversation with Berlioz which was remembered by Likhodeev frightened by disappearance of the neighbor and the press on his door, was week, and the theater director Varyete did not manage to forget it.

The author of the play "Bug" (192 carried Bulgakova in "The dictionary of the dead of words" of the fantastic communistic future, called for obstruction of Bulgakov works and approved in the poem "A face of the class enemy. "Burzhuy-Nuvo" (192 that nepmansky "bourgeois Nouveau":

A. Ryukhin too raises a hand, having got up in all growth and addressing to Pushkin's monument in Tverskoy Boulevard, only the hand at it is raised rather not for handshake, and in the powerless rage which is given rise by envy, as if for blow.

- Happens, – Mayakovsky sympathized, pokhazhivy round a table and I choose a convenient position. – Will grow rich finally on the aunts Manyakh and uncles Vanyakh, will build a country house, and huge own billiards. By all means I will visit and I will train.